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The Ranch

The Ranch is a very special place where you’ll see some of the most interesting of species. We specialise in exotic breeding which means all the animals are “not your average” – ever seen a white peacock? Currently, we are breeding two specific sheep species together. We are mixing an animal from the north called a Barbary sheep with a similar animal from another part of the country called a Movelin. The Movelin is smaller than the Barbary with curled horns.  So now you get the Barbary with curled horns and the Movelin is much bigger than it used to be.

Some of the exciting animal species you will come across at the Ranch are: The Zonkey which is a cross between a Zebra and a Donkey and some other species such as the Alpaca, Lama, Ostrich, Zebra, White Springbok, Warthogs, Apple goat, Fellow deer, Peacock as well as other interesting birdlife.

One of the favourite activities at the Ranch is the very educational petting zoo and a tractor ride where all the different animals are discussed in more details whilst the kids (or adults) get a chance to feed them up close.  This is a great adventure for children and grown-ups alike.