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“We simply wanted people to have a place to enjoy nature” – Trevor Nienaber

Kariba Ranch is part of the 200 acre Nienaber Estate on the banks of the Klip River. It affords a perfect place to relax and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, sit on the deck, look out over the countryside and watch a wide variety of game.

In 1980 Trevor and Zurika Nienaber bought the land, and set about developing it. They built the main house in such a way that they could enjoy their collection of game grazing in the fields. They bred ostriches, emus followed, and then fallow deer and barbary sheep were introduced.

By the year 2000, two more homes had been acquired for Trevor and Zurika’s sons and their families. In 2003 a building was erected to house the Gift ShopCoffee ShopStudio and Conference Centre.